Broken Wheels? Handle Broken? Lid or Body Cracked?

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The Process

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Wait 2-3 weeks for fixed trash bin
Enjoy your newly repaired trash bin

5 months with a broken trash bin

For a half-year, I embarked on a peculiar ritual every trash day, a backyard odyssey hauling my refuse bin to the curb. Anyone grappling with this chore knows the extra pang of dread it brings. Yet, tired of this routine, I dared to leave the bin parked in front, only to find my once-charming house looking marred by its unsightly presence.

Driven by an itch to remedy this eyesore without denting my wallet with a hefty $50 for a new bin, I dove into research. Serendipity struck as I stumbled upon a hidden gem—a place that promised a solution. With a mere form to fill, within a week, my trash bin woe was miraculously resolved.

The weight that lifted off my shoulders was indescribable. No longer did I have to sacrifice a crisp bill for a replacement. Now, when my neighbors lament their own bin troubles, I have a secret ace up my sleeve, a place I’m eager to show them—a testament to triumphing over trash bin tribulations.


At we can help you with the fallowing:


if your wheels are displaced from your trash bin it can be fixed.


if your trash bin handle is broken it can be fixed.


if your thrash bin lid is broken it can be fixed.